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Sr No Code L & D Domain Modules Offsite Onsite Duration
1 AI 01

Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

AI for advanced Decision making Yes Yes FULL Day
2 AI 02 AI for Project management Yes Yes FULL Day
3 AI 03 AI for Labor management Yes Yes FULL Day
4 AI 04 AI for high performance teams Yes Yes FULL Day
5 AI 05 Positive transformation through AI Yes Yes FULL Day
6 TL 01

Talent Lab for Performance  Enhancement (TL)

Individual performance and growth Yes Yes FULL Day
7 TL 02 Team ‘norming’ & performance Yes Yes FULL Day
8 TL 03 Conflict & Stress  avoidance Yes Yes FULL Day
9 TL 04 For projects (team management) Yes Yes FULL Day
10 TL 05 Spotting ‘best-fit’ by HR’s Yes Yes FULL Day / HALF Day
11 TL 06 Inter-personal skills for teams Yes Yes FULL Day
12 NVC 01

Non – Violent Communication (NVC)

NVC for assertive communication Yes Yes FULL Day
13 NVC 02 NVC based conflict resolution Yes Yes FULL Day
14 NVC 03 NVC for team bonding / building Yes Yes FULL Day
15 NVC 04 NVC based leadership Yes Yes FULL Day
16 NVC 05 NVC for organizational development (For HR / orgn heads) Yes Yes HALF Day
17 NVC 06 NVC for fresh inductees (during orientation) Yes Yes HALF Day
18 CM 01

Conflict Management (CM)

For teams (including members) Yes (pref No) FULL Day
19 CM 02 For leaders /  team managers Yes Yes FULL Day
20 CM 03 For HR managers Yes Yes HALF Day
21 CM 04 For labor management Yes Yes FULL Day
22 SM 01

Stress Management (SM)

Onsite instant stress busting No Yes HALF Day
23 SM 02 Offsite comprehensive stress management & rejuvenation Yes No
24 SM 03 Advanced lifestyle w/s for mid/top level managers Yes No
25 SM 04 work/life management for career  starters Yes Yes FULL Day/ HALF Day
26 ML 01

Metamorphosis – Leadership & Strategy (ML)

Grooming 1st time leaders Yes Yes FULL Day
27 ML 02 Leader ‘spotting’ among teams Yes No
28 ML 03 Strategy & decision making w/s for leaders Yes No
29 ML 04 Advanced leadership skills for mid/top level executives Yes No
30 ML 05 augment HR in asset capacity building Yes Yes FULL Day / HALF Day
31 BM 01

Burnout Management (BM)

W/s for HR – spotting / acting  / protecting against Burnout Yes Yes FULL Day
32 BM 02 for all employees- Burnout – signs, science & remedies Yes Yes FULL Day
33 BM 03 for diagnosed employees- Recovering from”burnout” Yes No
34 BM 04 w/s for Teams working under stress situations Yes (pref  No) FULL Day
35 ED-OW 01

Employee Development (OW)

Advanced Communication Yes Yes FULL Day / HALF Day
36 ED-OW 02 Innovation & creative expression Yes Yes FULL Day
37 ED-OW 03 Project Management for new teams Yes Yes FULL Day
38 CI-OW 01

Corporate Intrapreneurship (OW)

Organizational transformation (for HR / top management) Yes Yes HALF Day
39 CI-OW 02 For Project heads Yes Yes FULL Day
40 CI-OW 03 For Project teams Yes Yes FULL Day
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