Appreciative Inquiry

  • A radically positive and highly efficient model for decision making.
  • Shifts the perspective from negative ( deficiencies ) to highly positive (constructive).
  • Builds affirmative cycle of co-construction.
  • Achieve operational excellence by addressing emotional intelligence.
  • Powerful and focused delivery of team goals.
  • Adopted as HR best practices for all leading corporate worldwide.

For whom: Team Leaders and Managers

 Key TAKEAWAYSAI modules

  • Highly effective for labor managers/ supervisors
  • Provides individuals / teams a structured way for decision making
  • Trains participants to identify and build on internal strengths
  • Since it uses no external facilitation, it has least resistance and works on cellular level
  • AI tools can be adopted to specific projects easily
  • Provides framework for conducting meetings and reviews effectively
  • Brings about an attitude and morale change
  • Used during times of strategic change transformation

Apart from being an organizational development tool, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a radically positive and powerful way of decision making and managing change. Embraced widely by business leaders, it focuses on all the positives and AI modelbuilds upon them instead of sticking with what the problem is. Instantly, the outcomes are limitless.

This workshop will introduce participants to this powerful tool by turning problem-solving on its head. The ‘positive Psychology core’ will form the basis for change, investigation and the starting point for decision making. As it focuses on internal (existing) strengths, this approach faces little resistance and can be implemented even with small teams and spread organically in the organization.

AI works on the belief that every individual has some positive experiences to motivate and inspire change, which then has a positive ‘tsunami’ like cascading effect across the organization. This workshop trains participants to discover those positives within themselves, and more importantly in others. Hence, while this tool is invaluable for team leaders, it has largely multiplied benefits when teams attend together. The famed 4-D process is not only taught, but through the experiential “L.E.A.P.” way at vXG, participants practice and master the process, ready to then become AI champions in their workplace.

Sr No
L & D Domain
1 AI 01 Appreciative Inquriy (AI) AI for advanced Decision making Yes Yes FULL Day
2 AI 02 AI for Project management Yes Yes FULL Day
3 AI 03 AI for Labor management Yes Yes FULL Day
4 AI 04 AI for high performance teams Yes Yes FULL Day
5 AI 05 Positive transformation through AI Yes Yes FULL Day


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