Conflict Management

  • Activity based workshop (preferably offsite)
  • Recognizing & addressing conflict, genesis of disconnect.
  • Rational conflict resolution techniques and building trust/respect.
  • Insightful behavioral analysis & dealing with anger.
  • Non-violent communication tools.
  • Using appreciative inquiry in difficult situations.

For Whom: Teams, Team Leaders, Managers (all levels)

Key TAKEAWAYSConflict - others

  • Empathy towards co-workers: a perspective shift
  • Insight into self’s behavior and taking responsibility for managing emotions
  • Learn to use Appreciative Inquiry & Non-violent Communications to identify and diffuse disconnects early
  • Creating agreement framework: how to work with difficult co-workers, even build trust
  • Ability to custom-build different working relationships with different co-workers (one size does NOT fit all!)
  • Marked increase in co-operation and efficacy and lowering work stress

 When 25 % of the manager’s time is typically spent addressing/resolving conflicts, its surely one the most critical areas of focus for organizations. Often, conflict is perceived as serious only when it has escalated to unmanageable Pic2proportions, bringing teams to a grinding halt or leading to an exodus of valuable employees. If the sparks of disconnect can be spotted early, conflicts can not only be managed positively, organizational growth can also be achieved!

Our workshops aim at empowering individuals & team leaders to learn how to ‘spot’ conflict early, use tools to address, recognize and communicate needs. Experiential learning is central to the methodology of introducing and imparting new knowledge in all our workshops. Hence, while presenting participants with alternative resolution techniques, we emphasize on our ‘L.E.A.P.’ platform of ‘co-evolving’ these techniques. Participants are put into situations where, without them realizing, they begin developing one or the other way to resolve conflicts. They then compare results and are amazed how they resonate with the new learning. The activities are highly innovative, uniquely and carefully thought out and we spend a lot of time customizing these activities to suit specific training objectives of an organization.

Often, a conflict presents opportunities for improvement. Therefore, our workshop also intends to change participant’s perspectives by using the latest tools in appreciative inquiry and non-violent communication. These are proven highly powerful techniques that help foster a positive and co-operative work environment.

Since conflicts may involve team members, departments, projects, clients, managers and subordinates, organization needs vs. personal needs, conflict management is soon being recognized as a key personal skill every employee needs to be equipped with.

Sr No
L & D Domain
1 CM 01 Conflict Management (CM) For teams (including members) Yes (pref No) FULL Day
2 CM 02 For leaders /  team managers Yes Yes FULL Day
3 CM 03 For HR managers Yes Yes HALF Day
4 CM 04 For labour management Yes Yes FULL Day


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