Metamorphosis – Leadership & Strategy

  • Augments organization’s leadership programs
  • Empowers with people managing skills and technical tools
  • Develops traits to be an inspiring and motivating leader
  • Psycho-trait analysis tools to manage teams
  • Goal setting, achieving and benchmarking performance
  • Valuable support to HR asset capacity building

For Whom: Team leaders / Grooming New leaders

Key TAKEAWAYSMeta - modules

  • Grooms new managers to handle the transition to responsibility
  • Equips with tangible & effective tools
  • Prepares participants for a wide range of manager-typical scenarios, keeping morale high
  • Minimizes efficiency and motivation loss during transition
  • Augments and refreshes mid managers with newer techniques
  • Leads to robust career development program for employees

Our Metamorphosis series of workshops aim at augmenting the organization’s leadership development efforts.


For first time leaders (new managers or team leaders), who have been promoted to roles of responsibility, we train them on a wide range of people and self management techniques. These include behavioral analysis, 360o communication, time management, interpersonal skills, problem solving and decision making. Since they will need to be inspiring captains, they are trained on motivation techniques and the power of positivity. They are introduced to the concepts and benefits of Appreciative Inquiry and Non-Violent Communication, so that they begin contributing towards a positive organizational development early in the leadership career.

For mid level managers and project leaders, the activity-based (offsite) Advanced Leadership & Strategy focused workshops take leadership to the next level. They will discover through hands-on challenges in the workshop, new and useful strategic tools for decision making, human resource management, conflict management (touching more into AI, NVC) and goal setting / achieving. Each workshop is custom designed and conducted by highly experienced facilitators who are also management consultants, leadership coaches with almost 20 years industry experience and backgrounds from IIM, IIT. This is to ensure that the lessons are of highly practical and top-management level.

Sr No
L & D Domain
1 ML 01 Metamorphosis – Leadership & Strategy (ML) Grooming 1st time leaders Yes Yes FULL Day
2 ML 02 Leader ‘spotting’ among teams Yes No
3 ML 03 Strategy & decn making w/s for leaders Yes No
4 ML 04 Advanced leadership skills for mid/top level executives Yes No
5 ML 05 augment HR in asset capacity building Yes Yes FULL  Day / HALF Day


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