Non-Violent Communication

  • Highly powerful and globally acknowledged communication techniques
  • Trains employees to sieve out emotions from communication
  • Drastically cuts non-performing time lost to conflict / non-cooperation
  • Useful across organization – team building/ conflict resolution
  • Builds empathy, trust and respect
  • Ideal for conducting with entire team(s)

For Whom: Pan Organization


  • Weeds out negativity and doubt, inculcates positive work environment
  • Participants learn to express needs & feelings without causing emotional harm to others
  • Practical techniques practiced during workshop itself
  • Tangible shift in perspective visible immediately, teams learn group coaching techniques
  • Powerful conflict resolution tool, specially for turning around volatile situations
  • Increased understanding and co-operation between team members

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is a powerful new tool that brings about a paradigm shift in the way individuals interact, motivate and address challenging issues. It shifts the perspective from negative blame finding and coercion to a Pic5healthy and positive approach for resolving conflicts and communicating without flaring emotions.

Used by leading organizations worldwide as one of the best practices for human resource asset building, NVC brings out the best in employees, managers and teams. It is common knowledge that there are human needs (Maslow’s is a widely used model) and there are individual needs (specific to the employee’s life). NVC brings to the fore a third invisible but omnipresent need, one that has not been addressed enough – organizational needs. Thus, an organization too is a living system and the way it communicates and interacts with its employees, who further interact with each other, has a tremendous bearing on the morale of employees.

“NVC is a clear and effective model for communicating in a way that is cooperative, conscious, and compassionate.” The workshop on NVC teaches practical and powerful techniques that can be used in everyday work life and across all work profiles. It empowers individuals to not only take responsibility for their choices, but also helps them make positive decisions, with an encouraging and constructive ripple effect across the teams and organizations.

Sr No
L & D Domain
1 NVC 01 Non – Violent Communication (NVC) NVC for assertive communication Yes Yes FULL Day
2 NVC 02 NVC based conflict resolution Yes Yes FULL Day
3 NVC 03 NVC for team bonding / building Yes Yes FULL Day
4 NVC 04 NVC based leadership Yes Yes FULL Day
5 NVC 05 NVC for organizational development (For HR / Organization Heads) Yes Yes HALF Day
6 NVC 06 NVC for fresh inductees (during orientations) Yes Yes HALF Day


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