Stress Management

  • A wide range of customized workshops possible.
  • Lifestyle impacting sessions can be incorporated offsite.
  • Short onsite sessions for instant stress busting.
  • A combination of breathing, yoga, meditation & alternate self-healing techniques.
  • Highly effective Rejuvenating techniques by qualified life coach.
  • Harnessing and building mind power and control.

For Whom: Pan Organization / Specific Modules for Mid-Top Management

Key TAKEAWAYSStress - modules

  • Instant stress relief and enhanced morale
  • Hands on learning and practice of techniques
  • Taught simple techniques for day-to-day working (even in office)
  • Empower participants to identify internal stress and manage it
  • Reduces dependency of employees on external rewards / incentives
  • Assist top management handle and cope with stress / lifestyle challenges

While organizations make every attempt to minimize stress at work, today’s highly competitive business environment invariably gives rise to stress, in some form or the other. Stress arises not only from external conflicts or pressure to achieve goals, stress also develops when an individual feels demotivated or frustrated. While external reasons of stress can be identified and managed by organizations, it is the invisible ‘internal’ stress generators that are more dangerous. Employees themselves do not always know this and it is a silent killer – affecting not only workplace performance, but also health and spills over into personal lives. With employees becoming more health conscious and family focused, stress is soon becoming a major reason for employee attrition.

Gifting employees tools and techniques to keep stress at bay and lead a healthy lifestyle is among the key HR development and employee retention programs at successful organizations today. We offer various stress-management workshops / sessions that can be used at organizations.

Offsite Stress Management Workshop: The comprehensive (preferably) outbound session is most effective for project teams that generally work under stress. These sessions can also be for employees across all profiles as well. Set in serene and pristine locations, away from the city life, participants not only de-stress, manage external stress, they are also taught how to recognize internal sources of stress. They are then taken through deeply insightful sessions on how to manage these internal conflicts and frustrations. More importantly, they learn how to individually motivate themselves, so that, instead of relying only on work related reward or incentives to perform, they are intrinsically motivated all the time. It is no surprise that participants feel rejuvenated and eagerly look forward to face new challenges and excel!

Mid-Top Management Lifestyle Workshop: The work related pressures of middle / top management are vastly different in nature and magnitude than those at entry level. For them, our advanced stress management workshop offers more powerful techniques in breathing as well as use the expertise of trainers qualified in various alternate therapies for lifestyle management. Due to the serious nature of their work, these managers are also trained to not allow stress to spill into family lives and are given health empowering tips. A healthy, stress free and motivated leader is what we churn out in these workshops.

Onsite De-stress Session: We also offer short duration onsite sessions of a few hours for organizations that look for quick, almost immediate, stress busting at the workplace and is intended for employees pan-organization. Conducted by trained and qualified life-style coaches, these sessions dive right into breathing, office-yoga and healing to relieve stress and invigorate / relax the employees during the session. This is a practice-based session to maximize benefits for employees.

Sr No
L & D Domain
1 SM 01 Stress Management (SM) Onsite instant stress busting No Yes HALF Day
2 SM 02 Offsite comprehensive stress management & rejuvenation Yes No
3 SM 03 Advanced lifestyle w/s for mid/top level managers Yes No
4 SM 04 work/life management for career  starters Yes Yes FULL Day / HALF Day


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