Talent Labs for Performance Enhancement

  • Powerful workshop on performance enhancement (indoors – onsite / offsite)
  • Insights into why teams/individuals under-perform
  • Preparing individual’s ‘user manual’ and its implications (+ve / -ve) for teams
  • Recognizing and taking ownership of one’s talents, learning to enjoy work
  • Learn powerful inter-personal tools – specific strategies for each team member
  • Co-building teams on mutual strengths – blueprint for success

For whom: All employees – preferably along with their co-workers & bosses. For Teams– advisable to attend together, along with team leader.


  • Immediate insights into self’s ‘user manual’ – its impact on individual’s performancePicture6
  • Learn ways to leverage strengths for higher performance and enjoying work
  • Learn to manage ‘shadow talents’ to not let it hamper growth
  • Appreciate co-worker’s ‘user manuals’ and learn to co-operate and not confront
  • For team leaders, an invaluable insight into user manuals of each team member
  • Leading to highly co-operative and conflict free work environment
  • Cuts organization’s cost of attrition, conflict management and under-performance

When teams are formed, they are most likely hand-picked based on past experience and present skills. Still, not every team performs exceptionally, often not even to its potential. There Picture5is thus a great chasm between the ‘forming’ and ‘performing’ phases of a team – and this is the chasm we catapult the teams across, helping them avoid the highly damaging ‘storming’ phase !

Our workshop focuses on the one crucial (but mostly overlooked) ingredient for success – the ability to co-operate, work without conflicts with other team members. No individual in today’s organization works in isolation. For all the prized skills an individual possesses, it is unlikely to reap rewards unless it is accessed by others. At our workshop we look at each individual beyond just a portfolio of skill sets, but as a unique combination of traits, strengths- we call this “Talent”.

Be it the ability to communicate, or analyze, or organize, or empathize… there are a number of traits (Talents) that each individual may or may not have. And the unique combination of these ‘talents’ makes individuals behave the way they do- some are intuitive, loyal, creative…while others need time to take decisions, communicate less, etc. Each individual this has his unique ‘user manual’ – the way he/she works, thinks and behaves. The reason many teams are stuck for long periods in the ‘storming’ stage is because of differences in the talents they posses.

At the workshop, each participant learns to identify his/her own unique ‘user manual’. Next, they share each others ‘user manuals’. It is indeed a most beautiful “A-ha!” moment for many when they realize why they get along so well with some and are in conflict with others! They soon learn ways to appreciate their and each others ‘talents’ or ‘user manuals’ – leading to a highly co-operative work environment that immediately cuts out conflict and catapults the team towards the ‘performing’ stage.

A huge byproduct of this workshop is the empowerment of individuals to excel in their own profiles and responsibilities too. In the process of recognizing their own ‘user manuals’ employees are taught ways to leverage their talents for higher performance and also techniques to manage ‘shadow talents’ that may have been hindering them at work.

It is common at the end of such workshops for team members to start viewing each other, not as black boxes, but as bouquets of complimentary talents and strengths. Teams that attended this powerful ‘Talent Lab’ have started enjoying their work and build strong trusting relationships. Organizations benefit directly from not only highly performing project teams, but also a drastic lowering of attrition and conflict costs.

Sr No
L & D Domain
1 TL 01 Talent Lab for Performance  Enhancement (TL) Individual performance and growth Yes Yes FULL Day
2 TL 02 Team ‘norming’ & performance Yes Yes FULL Day
3 TL 03 Conflict & Stress  avoidance Yes Yes FULL Day
4 TL 04 For projects (team management) Yes Yes FULL Day
5 TL 05 Spotting ‘best-fit’ by HR’s Yes Yes FULL Day / HALF Day
6 TL 06 Inter-personal skills for teams Yes Yes FULL Day


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