5 Ways To Impress Your Employees

Human Resource often fret about the best way to increase employee motivation and engagement. Some might wonder, however, why simply providing a paycheck is not enough. Looking closely at what causes a loss of motivation, and a recognition of the business’ dependence on employees, reveals it is fundamental for employees to bring their enthusiasm to the workplace to increase the efficiency from company’s bottom line.

1. Invest in their health

Gym memberships, paid in-office medical screening, in-office ping-pong, and “activity game rooms” are becoming more prevalent in companies large and small. HR managers are learning quickly that investing in their workers’ mental and physical health holds great benefit to company productivity.

Research from a Principal Financial Group study revealed that employers with workplace wellness program experience a 3-to-1 return on their investment, including a reduction in health care costs, reduced absenteeism, an increased intention to stay with the employer longer and increased level of commitment from employees.

Some IT companies like TSYS, G-Cube, HCL have started introducing employee Travel and Adventure clubs with the help of adventure tourism companies like vXplor that motivate employees to go on health boosting vacations like treks, cycling trips and other outdoor activities.

2. Offer Flexibility

For managers, it can be tough to be entirely hands-off, but a little bit of freedom goes a long way in keeping employees happy and motivated. Offer them guidance, but also be confident that they’ll succeed. They may bring something valuable to the table that you hadn’t considered. Create leeway for the little failures to happen safely, and leverage them as learning experiences.

As former Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously said “it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Especially in a growing market this mentality is more than a motivator for your employees, it’s a key to success. Freedom gives your superstars the opportunity to do what they do best: impress you.

3. Train people well enough so they can leave

How much to invest in your employee’s training has always been a debatable question.

So what’s the magic number? Take a page from large corporations and look to Training Magazine, an industry publication that ranks the top 125 organizations for employee development. They found that the mean training budget of these companies is 6 percent of payroll, but the key is to track your spending and measure a return on that investment.

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4. Plan a team offsite that actually works

All around the world, teams large and small assemble at offsite locations to take a step away from their day-to-day work and build team spirit. Unfortunately, many team building offsites turn out to be ineffective, or worse. Sometimes, it’s because the sense of unity and cohesion that gets created when everyone is together having “fun” outside of the office doesn’t last long once everyone gets back to work. Other times, “team building activities” have the unintended consequence of bringing out competition and hostility between individuals instead of enhancing commitment and cohesion within the team.

In order to create a team-building offsite that will have positive, enduring effects, it’s helpful to think of offsite meetings as kind of a microcosm, or a “play within a play,” wherein the leader and the team use the stage to rehearse the new dynamics and norms that they want to perform back at the office or take on the road. It’s important to be mindful in scripting your team’s offsite that the same challenges and opportunities that you and your team are facing in general will come to the surface. For example, if the goal of the offsite is to encourage all team members to be more participative, it’s helpful for everyone to provide input into the structure and agenda for the meeting, and then to participate at the actual meeting. If the goal is to clarify roles and responsibilities, it’s useful to be very clear about everyone’s roles and responsibilities in preparing for the meeting, as well as during the meeting itself.

The paradox and the challenge of offsite meetings for leaders and their teams is that to raise the likelihood that the offsite will have a successful and lasting outcome, changes need to be made before the offsite even occurs. This kind of preparation makes progress much more likely. But getting all of this interdependent sequencing right is neither simple nor easy.

HR’s of organisations often hire outside expertise to plan a team offsite that actually works.

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5. Innovations in Workplace

With the onset of smart technologies and workplace full of smart and demanding millennials, its imperative to have an agile HR that can keep innovating to keep the office environs charged up, we have tried to list a few examples of what companies are doing.

Housekeeping Facility

Akraya knows how to keep employees’ minds on work, rather than on home problems. Every two weeks, the company sends personal cleaners to employees’ homes; this helps staff members focus on the tasks at hand, rather than home maintenance and upkeep.

Tuition Reimbursement:

Education is an important part of employee motivation and growth. That’s why many companies promote further education in the form of tuition reimbursement for classes at the local university or institution. Of course, not everyone has time for college courses, so other companies provide employees with an allowance for books that will increase their knowledge.

Also many companies encourage their employees to take up certification courses related to their work areas and often pay for it if they pass the certification

Purple Seas
Setting Smaller goals:

A Hospitality Company started setting up smaller goals along the way to keep people in it. Rather than make a billion this year, focus on getting 100 new customers in a week-something that will get to that billion. Then rewarded the team for achieving the goal with an afternoon off, a party, etc. Employees believes that your goals are realistic and everyone benefits from working hard

Reward Based on Feedback

an IT firm developed an app for Slack that calculates how many times each employee was praised monthly . Whoever garners the most kudos wins various awards and recognition.

Apcer Life Science
Stress Buster/ Recharge:

an IT Establishment started a stress relief program and was successful in doing that.

HR noticed that post lunch most of the employees are not at their best. They Initiated 15 mins music rejuvenating session. Where employees can share jokes, dance & refresh themselves







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