About vXG

vXplor Gurukul


 vXplor is a pioneer in outdoor adventure based corporate programs with hundreds conducted at the choicest locations. vXplor also owns its very own properties in NCR and North India, and is expanding. With a rapidly growing client-base in offsite corporate training, vXplor has always been a trusted partner for organizations looking for a hassle-free and enriching outbound experience for its employees. Providing an entire canvas of activities ranging from river-based to mountain-based, whether for a group of 20 or 200, vXplor has proven expertise in meeting and even exceeding client satisfaction. vXplor is synonymous with trust, commitment and delivering a memorable experience.

Gurukul Trainers is an interdisciplinary, integrated learning & development organization bringing to India the latest tools and techniques from across the world, empowering teams, individuals and organizations through innovative and effective programs on people development, strategic consulting and change management in various corporate and academic areas to provide deeper learning & need deliverance. The team of trainers are among the country’s best in terms of knowledge, experience and delivery. They inspire, motivate and bring along an impeccable record of always fulfilling the organization training needs.

Together, vXplor Gurukul provides a highly potent combination of insightful, focused and serious trainings, in the environs of the organization choice. While adventure creatively engages the mind, fosters harmony, breaks down barriers and builds camaraderie, our trainers ensure the focus remains on ‘need deliverance’. There are also a wide range of onsite training modules offered, all around the objective of augmenting human resource asset building.

The unique “L.E.A.P” based training methodology at vXG is an innovative pedagogy that makes learning easy, effective and long lasting.


At vXG, our mission is to be your trusted partner in building a strong, co-operative, efficient and highly motivated human resource. We are your partner in success, stemming from a conflict-free, stress-free, growth focused organization culture.