HR Talent Lab

Building a high performing team has never been easy.

The Challenge

Despite the team leaders’ best skills, strategies and implementation, desired results are often not achieved. Surprisingly, it has more to do with innate attitudes, traits (which we call ‘talents’) and less to do with skill! Motivation, positive energy and satisfaction are the key to any employee’s performance. Monetary and recognition based rewards have proven to have stagnating limitations. Even a handpicked A-Team sometimes falls into the chasm of conflict & mediocrity. Fortunately, ‘Talent Labs’ helps teams leap this chasm!

The Solution

The way each of us behaves, the way we interact with others, the way we approach and solve problems and make decisions is unique to us. It is unique because it is derived from a very unique combination of traits (‘Talents’) that we possess and those that we don’t. And herein lies the genesis of conflict and the breakdown of relationships. This is also where the solution lies!

Since the success of any team rests largely upon how members understand each other’s talents, respect and create a symbiotic team, “Talent Labs” helps achieve exactly that, by helping participants discover their talents and shadow talents!

“Talent Labs” galvanizes teams by bonding complimentary talents and by fostering mutual understanding. Instantly erasing conflict and maximizing human capital efficiency”

The results are almost instant, with revelations during the workshop itself!

The Opportunity

Conducted by internationally acclaimed Belgian talent coach Luk Deulf himself who created this ground breaking tool! Luk is director, consultant at Kessels & Smit ( ) and a globally sought speaker, trainer and coach for his pioneering work on talent based strategies for success, empowering individuals, teams and organisations, helping them realize greater results. While vXplor Gurukul conducts such workshops throughout the year, this particular workshop is a great opportunity to experience it with Luk himself! (More about the team in the brochure attached)

 For whom

The most effective way to introduce initiate this positive transformation, is top-down.

For the HR manager / Team leader, this tool helps-

  • Recruiting the “best fit’ person not only by skill, but more importantly, by talent, traits
  • Team forming, norming (and bypassing the team ‘storming’ phase)
  • Powerful conflict management tools
  • Team member retention (managing attrition)
  • Stress management

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