Appreciative Inquiry

For Whom: Teams

Recommended for teams or groups trapped in veiled resentment and team building., Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful influential technique to bring positive change in the way teams work, address complex changes and prevent conflict. Also highly useful in times of change (in leadership or HR strategy), AI provides the positive antidote to the most vexing behavioral problems.

  • The Appreciative Inquiry framework & positive change
  • Appreciative Inquiry TechniquesAffirmative Cycle of c0-construction
    • For Team performance enhancement
    • For problem solving
    • For conflict prevention
    • For organizational culture
  • Operational excellence thru Appreciative Inquiry
  • Emotional Intelligence


Non-Violent Communication

For Whom: Pan-Organization, but Top-Down-Targeted for Middle-Top Management

From Boardrooms to employee interactions, NVC is now taught in corporate worldwide as Best Practices tools in the field of Learning and development. NVC provides an easy to learn, effective method to get to the very root of violence, pain and conflict peacefully. NVC helps reduce hostility, strengthen professional and inter-personal relationships, leading to marked lowering of employee attrition and enhanced team performance across all functions of the organization.

  • Removing the blocks and biases
  • Waiting for judgment feelings
  • Learning to offline without Evaluating
  • Connecting and communicating positively
  • Developing tools and vocabulary for expressing without criticizing
  • Developing and sharing a mutually respectful relationship
  • Conflict prevention and trust building



For Whom: Middle – Top Management

Oblivious to most corporate, Burnout is fast becoming the most serious health hazard to employees, surprisingly striking even those that perform exceptionally in the most trying situations. Burnout is a state of emotional and physical exhaustion caused due to prolonged stress, leading to under performance, depression and heart related issues. Our sessions help reinvigorate the workforce by tapping into their talent inventory, take control of the situation and devise a road map towards a healthy and well performing life.

  • Identifying buer out / bore out
  • Recognizing severity of damage to health & life
  • Talent Screening
  • Designing road map to recovery
  • Monitoring and rejuvenation


Stress Management

For Whom: Pan Organization

Our Stress Management workshops are designed for both individuals as well as teams. It focuses on helping identify work related stressors, empower individuals and team to manage stress, teach techniques to relieve stress and remain always at an above optimal performance level. We also have Stress Busting sessions targeted to provide immediate stress relief and rejuvenation for large groups.

Stress Management for Individuals

  • Acknowledge (thru behavior)
  • Identify the cause
  • Manage the stress
  • Eliminate the stress
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Empowering individuals

Stress Management for Teams:

  • Identify stress in team
  • Recognize the cause
  • Collective and joint resolution techniques
  • Co- Assist  & co-exist

Stress reliving session:

  • Rejuvenating techniques
  • Breathing techniques for instant stress busting
  • Harnessing and building mind power
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Quick tips to avoid stress during work


Conflict Management

For Whom: Pan Organization (Specifically Teams)

Typically 25% of a manager’s time is lost managing conflicts! Not acknowledging conflict is the surest way of making it grow more demonic. Our specially designed conflict management series of workshops focuses on the need to address and co-resolve conflict using powerful self empowering techniques like Appreciative Inquiry and NVC. Using the flagship “Talent Labs” platform, teams and individuals are trained to use positive psychology and reinforce trust and self-assurance to create a more positive work environment.

  • Understanding genesis of conflict
  • Behavioral analysis tool
  • Conflict management style
  • Dealing with anger and agreement framework
  • Rational conflict resolution techniques
  • Need for clear communication
  • Creating an effective atmosphere and following mutual understanding
  • NVC techniques to peacefully resolve volatile and difficult situation


Talent Labs for Performance Enhancement

For Whom: Pan Organization

Each individual is a bouquet of talents (traits) and has a unique ‘user manual’ that dictates how he/she thinks, works, interacts with others and performs. Since no two employees will have the exact same ‘user manual’, friction, dissent and conflict are natural but damaging manifestations in team building, often referred to as the ‘storming’ stage. At our flagship ‘Talent Labs’, in collaboration with our European Partners, team members and leaders discover their own user manuals, empowered with how to leverage their strengths while learning techniques to not let their ‘shadow’ talents affect their performance. They also learn the user manuals of their co-workers which sensitizes team members towards each others unique behaviors. Finally, this powerful and insightful workshop enables teams to bypass the storming stage and move directly from the norming to the performing stage, preventing conflict along the way!


Metamorphosis Leadership Series

For Whom: First Time Managers

This series of workshop is intended for employees who are being groomed / entrusted with first time leadership / managerial responsibilities. It takes them through the transition from team player to leader, elucidates the nuances of delegating, setting protocol, managing relationships and motivating teams to foster a positive and encouraging team environment.

  • Managing transition and taking charge
  • Norms and protocol setting
  • Managing relationships
  • Motivating the team
  • Assigning task
  • Time management and communication
  • Using appreciative inquiry for critical feedback
  • Fostering a positive and encouraging team environment


Other Workshops

Project Management

For Whom: All project / Team Manager
  • Scope and project charting
  • Building support for project / identifying champions
  • Scheduling
  • Communication and responsibility matrix
  • Behavioral analysis and conflict prevention
  • Project improvement and audit
  • Project implementation and scenario analysis




Negotiation Skills


Sales Training