Learning & Development

Appreciative Inquiry

A radically positive and highly efficient model for decision making. Shifts the perspective from negative ( deficiencies ) to highly positive (constructive). Builds affirmative cycle of co-construction. Achieve operational excellence by addressing emotional intelligence. Powerful and focused delivery of team goals. Adopted as HR best practices for all leading corporate worldwide. For whom: Team Leaders […]

Metamorphosis – Leadership & Strategy

Augments organization’s leadership programs Empowers with people managing skills and technical tools Develops traits to be an inspiring and motivating leader Psycho-trait analysis tools to manage teams Goal setting, achieving and benchmarking performance Valuable support to HR asset capacity building For Whom: Team leaders / Grooming New leaders Key TAKEAWAYS Grooms new managers to handle […]

Talent Labs for Performance Enhancement

Powerful workshop on performance enhancement (indoors – onsite / offsite) Insights into why teams/individuals under-perform Preparing individual’s ‘user manual’ and its implications (+ve / -ve) for teams Recognizing and taking ownership of one’s talents, learning to enjoy work Learn powerful inter-personal tools – specific strategies for each team member Co-building teams on mutual strengths – […]

Conflict Management

Activity based workshop (preferably offsite) Recognizing & addressing conflict, genesis of disconnect. Rational conflict resolution techniques and building trust/respect. Insightful behavioral analysis & dealing with anger. Non-violent communication tools. Using appreciative inquiry in difficult situations. For Whom: Teams, Team Leaders, Managers (all levels) Key TAKEAWAYS Empathy towards co-workers: a perspective shift Insight into self’s behavior […]

Non-Violent Communication

Highly powerful and globally acknowledged communication techniques Trains employees to sieve out emotions from communication Drastically cuts non-performing time lost to conflict / non-cooperation Useful across organization – team building/ conflict resolution Builds empathy, trust and respect Ideal for conducting with entire team(s) For Whom: Pan Organization Key TAKEAWAYS Weeds out negativity and doubt, inculcates […]

Stress Management

A wide range of customized workshops possible. Lifestyle impacting sessions can be incorporated offsite. Short onsite sessions for instant stress busting. A combination of breathing, yoga, meditation & alternate self-healing techniques. Highly effective Rejuvenating techniques by qualified life coach. Harnessing and building mind power and control. For Whom: Pan Organization / Specific Modules for Mid-Top […]


Critically useful workshops to prevent / manage ‘burn-out’ of high value human resources. Identifying behavioral signs and symptoms of Burnout. Reverse damage of burnout by managing stress and self-healing. Individual coaching-roadmap to quick recovery. Rejuvenating techniques by qualified life coach. Improve high-value-employee retention. For whom: High value (performing) employees showing signs of fatigue/ dis-interest Key […]