vXG Advantage

The vXG Advantage

–        The way we design, deliver and follow up!

At vXG, delivering training needs, every time, is our ultimate goal. Hence each workshop/training session is custom designed, since no two organizations, nor the participants are similar. The following is how we typically design each session:


Yes, we offer a free follow-up on all our workshops! Why? Because we walk our talk – we don’t just deliver highly effective sessions we make sure we’re there even after a few months to refresh / reinforce the learning and offer solutions to real life queries.

–        The L.E.A.P  – ‘Discovering’ by co-evolving

Experiential learning forms the core around which all our training modules are designed. The surest way to grasp and use new knowledge is by enabling participants to ‘discover’ the learning through innovative and meticulously designed activities & workshops.


–        Our Trainers – The Key Drivers for a Successful Session.

With an envious educational background (IIT, IIM) and decades of experience across industries, our team of highly motivated trainers is among the best in the country, inspiring participants to receive, learn and grow. With partnerships across the globe, they are constantly updated with latest Learning & Development techniques which are therefore made available to organizations in India. They make every effort to ensure individual participation through impromptu counseling and feedback. They are also available for corporate coaching.

–        We take fun seriously!

While our on-site sessions are also highly interactive, our outbound sessions, filled with adventure and activities, are deeply insightful. As much fun as they seem to be, each session is carefully thought through, lessons stitched into each activity and a larger learning automatically evolves at the end, weaving together the lessons from all the activities. It is this process of ‘discovering’ knowledge and tools that we call ‘co-evolving’. The fun forms the medium, the ‘co-evolving’ is the tangible, lasting takeaway!